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Company: Daikin Australia
Daikin is an esteemed manufacturer of heating and cooling units, renowned for harnessing state-of-the-art Japanese technology and garnering a reputation for producing reliable and quality equipment for residential and commercial spaces throughout Australia. Only sold through an authorised dealer network, units are not available to purchase through retail outlets, and warranty repairs are booked directly through Daikin customer care.

Chatfield OzCool’s relationship with Daikin:
Chatfield OzCool is an authorised service agent for Daikin, meaning, if you have a Daikin unit that needs repairs, the Chatfield OzCool technicians know all there is to know to get your unit working again. Chatfield OzCool can service through private repair bookings, but can also conduct your warranty repairs.

How to book in a Daikin service with Chatfield OzCool:

If your unit is still under warranty with Daikin –

  • Call and speak to the Daikin customer support team, and log the request for repairs.
  • Daikin will then forward a purchase order to Chatfield OzCool to undertake the repairs on their behalf.
  • Once Chatfield OzCool receives the job order from Daikin, Courtney from the Chatfield OzCool office will be in touch to book in a technician to come to the site. If replacement parts are required, the technician will organise these for you and arrange a new time to visit and complete the works.
  • If your repair is covered by the Daikin warranty agreement, within the warranty period, there is no charge to you for the Chatfield OzCool service and repair.

If your unit is out of warranty –

  • Call and speak to Courtney in the office, and she will happily arrange for a technician to come to the site and inspect your unit.
  • Once on-site, the Chatfield OzCool technician will assess the problem and if repairs are simple, will repair the unit on the spot.
  • If replacement parts are required, the Chatfield OzCool technician can obtain a quote for parts and repairs to let you know the anticipated cost while still on site. If you choose to go ahead with the works, Chatfield OzCool will order your parts.
  • Once your parts have arrived, the Chatfield OzCool technician will book a new time to come to the site to complete the repairs.
  • Repairs outside of the warranty period will attract regular service and repair costs. The team at Chatfield OzCool will always advise the call out price upfront and let you know an estimate for the works required, before ordering parts and proceeding with repairs.

A great piece of equipment needs expert technicians to service and maintain its performance. The team at Chatfield OzCool are proud to service Daikin units and act as an authorised service agent.

If you have a Daikin unit that needs a bit of T.L.C, call and speak to the team at Chatfield OzCool to book a service today – 1300 361 186