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For certain industries, like the food and pharmaceutical industries, a fully functioning cool room is essential for daily operations. If the cool room cannot meet the demands of the business, supply, time and money could be wasted. This is why regular and consistent cool room maintenance is critical for an industry to uphold, so the cool room can stay running efficiently for increased cleanliness and sanitation. 

Daily maintenance checklist

  • Clean up spillages immediately
  • Check that the cool room is set at the right temperature for the stored products
  • Check the evaporator for ice build-up
  • Check the compressors for oil leakage
  • Check that the Freon levels are at the correct level

Weekly maintenance checklist

  • Clean the cool room door seals
  • Inspect the cool room door for cracks and general wear and tear
  • Clean the floors and all surfaces

Monthly maintenance checklist

  • Calibrate the temperature of the cool room
  • Check that the refrigerants are maintained at the correct level
  • Perform a system functional test to ensure all components are in good condition
  • Ensure that the correct temperature remains when the modular cold storage has a full load
  • Ensure that the control valves are fully functional
  • Ensure that the reverse blowing is functioning properly
  • Clean the evaporator and the fins of the condenser coils, which are vital for temperature maintenance
  • Check the defrosting function

How to keep the cool room free of molds

  • Ensure the door seals are not cracked or damaged but if they are, repair immediately as damaged seals can cause moisture problems
  • Ensure that the vents are clean and functioning fully
  • Inspect for leaks and repair them as soon as they are found
  • Get rid of any food or products that are way past the expiration date to prevent the spread of mold spores

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