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There are a number of ways you can support the health and well-being of your staff within the workplace.  

However, did you know that it is an OH&S requirement to maintain clean air within your staff work environment? 

One way to achieve this would be installing a CO2 sensing unit onto your existing commercial air conditioning system, to monitor the workplace air quality.

What is a Smart Temp CO2 sensor?

In an office building environment, when people are working indoors, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air can build up throughout the day.  If you have an air conditioning unit that is not bringing fresh air into your office space those carbon dioxide levels will continue to increase which can affect the health and well-being of your staff. 

By installing a carbon dioxide sensing unit such as one of the Smart Temp devices, you will be able to monitor the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, in real time.

When the carbon dioxide levels increase to harmful levels, an alarm will sound. The Smart temp controller will also go from green, to yellow, to red, indicating the levels of carbon dioxide in the building, and when required, your existing air conditioning unit can flush fresh air through your cooling ducts, to improve the internal air quality. 

What happens when the Smart Temp device senses unsafe CO2 levels?

The Smart Temp controller can override the ‘economy cycle’ setting on your air conditioning unit so that when carbon dioxide levels rise the system can override to the ‘free cooling’ setting and instead pump in fresh air from outside, (when the ambient temperature allows) ensuring that the oxygen levels in your building are always maintained at a safe level.

The Smart temp sensor is particularly useful in a commercial office setup as it ensures outside fresh-air flushes through the building. By upgrading your air conditioning unit with this Smart temp sensor, you are doing your part to maintain the workplace air quality. 

How does the Smart Temp device work with an existing commercial air conditioning system?

Most commercial air-conditioners already have an ‘economy cycle’ setting, so by installing the carbon dioxide sensing unit these two systems can work together to automatically click into action when carbon dioxide levels rise.  A recent example of this was when Chatfield OzCool assisted a client who had a car sales showroom.   This showroom was heated and cooled via one large Temperature Zone roof-mounted packages unit. By upgrading the digital control system to a Smart Temp SMT-920 Viking™ controller they were able to achieve very accurate temperature control and economy cycle control using the outside air, within the air-conditioned space.

How can your commercial air conditioner supply fresh air on hot days?

On days when it is hot outside and you are trying to keep the internal air temperature cool, instead of flushing 100% external air into the building it can be mixed with the return air and circulate cool air into the building so that there is a mixture of cooled air, as well as fresh air from outside.  This allows you to keep the space cool but still bring in fresh air without dramatically increasing the internal temperature.

To find out more about the Smart Temp CO2 Sensor devices, click below to view the relevant product brochures.

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SMT-920 Viking™ DIN Mounted Multistage Commercial HVAC Controller

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