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Often when we talk about facility management, we are referring to the larger, high-rise apartment buildings that we maintain, but did you know that even smaller, residential buildings also require essential services management?

 We recently conducted our quarterly service at an apartment complex in Ivanhoe that contains just 35 exclusive apartments.  This apartment complex is the perfect example to demonstrate that safety and compliance is applicable, even in small scale building complexes. 


For this location, we work closely with our good friends at Essential Fire Safety Services (EFSS) to ensure we perform thorough quarterly maintenance visits, then also carry out a live fire test once a year, to simulate a fire situation. We also perform an annual calibration of the CO sensors within the car park. 

We also test and confirm the correct operation of the system every quarter, and as part of our testing and maintenance we inspect the site to confirm the operation of the car park supply and exhaust fans, as well as ensuring the operation of the general exhaust fans. 

During these visits we also inspect and label the fire dampers within the building to ensure they are compliant and operational. 


All this diligence and testing allows us to offer peace of mind to the owners’ corporation; that the building is compliant and safe for the owners and tenants.


The team at Chatfield OzCool are available to assist with cooling and refrigeration equipment service and repairs, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding facility management and inspection.

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