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It’s not an easy job managing the day-to-day safety and operations of a large, high-rise facility.  There are always things that require maintenance or repairs, and although you may be able to keep on top of the little maintenance issues that pop up here and there – How do you know if your essential services are actually compliant?
When equipment is idle, it’s almost impossible to know the functionality of your essential services, as a lot of mechanical systems only spring into action once a fire triggers them. If these services are not regularly maintained and audited by professionals in this field, it could lead to a catastrophe or emergency.  You could be running the risk of litigation if your facility services have not been maintained and audited to operate as they should. 
Thankfully, the team at Chatfield OzCool offer a facilities management essential services audit, so by undertaking a service and inspection agreement, you can rest assured that you are complying with facility management safety regulations. 
What is an essential services audit?
The team at Chatfield OzCool will visit your facility for monthly maintenance, checking the ambient status of all equipment on-site, i.e. checking the calibration of CO sensors and fan controls. 
Then, once a year, Chatfield OzCool will coordinate with a registered fire company to run a full fire test at your facility.  This live simulation will allow their technicians on-site to monitor and assess all of your safety equipment in action. 
Why is an essential services audit required?
Any commercial or residential facility that has a fire panel connected to mechanical services, i.e. ventilation systems, is legally obliged to conduct regular maintenance and an annual fire drill.  This is to ensure that the essential services are compliant and working to their specifications, in line with the safety standards. 
Why does there need to be a fire company in attendance during an essential services audit?
All essential services located in any large facility, are connected to a fire panel, which can be controlled by the fire brigade in case of an emergency. By having a fire company in attendance when the safety audit is being performed, they can run through the procedures that a fire brigade would need to conduct, and ensure that the equipment is all operating as required, again, adding to the peace of mind that the equipment will be able to function as intended in the event of an emergency. 
When it comes to the management of large facilities, it is vital to stay on top of the maintenance of essential services equipment, to ensure that the systems put in place to keep people safe, work when they need to. 
Call the team at Chatfield OzCool to discuss an essential services audit for a facility you manage, today. 
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