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Our Monthly Team Breakfast

Do your staff meetings involve bacon and eggs? Because the Chatfield OzCool toolbox service meetings certainly do. 
What started out as a monthly meeting at the Chatfield Ozcool head office to run through service and safety updates, has now evolved into a monthly breakfast, where the team gets together to share a feed before starting their day.
As an opportunity for all the technicians to get together with management and go through health and safety requirements for various sites, it also allows technicians the opportunity to share vital information between different job sites. Everyone is then familiar with and ready to attend any job at a moment’s notice.  
The monthly breakfast is also a great opportunity for management to determine if additional training is needed and offers an opportunity for everyone to catch up face-to-face.
Stocktake of equipment and vehicle snap inspection during the monthly catchup also ensure everyone who represents Chatfield OzCool out in the field is maintaining the service standard that Chatfield OzCool is known for. 
A great opportunity to catch up on paperwork while at the office means that the team can start their week and month, up-to-date and ready to tackle the next month ahead.  
With all technicians working out on the road, the monthly breakfast is a great opportunity for everyone to catch up over a hot breaky and share a few yarns. 
We love our monthly service meetings at Chatfield OzCool, so why not fire up the BBQ and start your toolbox meetings with a hot breaky at your workplace too? 
To book in a service or repair, call and speak to the team at Chatfield OzCool on 1300 361 186

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