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To help a business pivot and grow, it is vital that their refrigeration and cooling facilities can grow and adapt alongside these changes.

This was the case with one of our regular clients who operate multiple convenient stores throughout Victoria. This client had adjusted the food offerings they were going to have available in stores, meaning the bakery facilities were now going to be operating inside each store location.

The old unit was over 30 years old and no longer operational.

The challenge with this sort of business pivot is that the existing equipment, such as the refrigeration and cooling equipment already on site, was not designed to compensate for this unique heat fluctuation within an open plan store.

Our solution was to update the cooling units within the stores to accommodate the bakery facilities. 

Craning out the old unit to be recycled into scrap metal.

The first store we upgraded was an existing store that had ducted air conditioning throughout, however the ducted system was well past its serviceable life. So, with the opportunity to change over the equipment we suggested changing to a roof mounted four-way cassette system, to better manage the fluctuating temperatures throughout the store. The new units are inverter controlled units, which vary the power requirements for the store.

Opening the ceiling space to make way for the new cassette indoor units.

The reason for changing over the equipment was that the existing ducted system had one full package unit that supplied the whole store.  The problem with this formation, was that there would now be different areas within the same room/store with very different cooling requirements, i.e., the cash register area had little to no external heat sources in that vicinity, but then at the other end of the store there would be commercial baking ovens which would create a lot of heat.  So, there needed to be a way to separate the thermostat and air outlet, to be able to deliver the right temperature to the areas that needed it.

Mounting the indoor cassette unit into the ceiling space.
Ceiling closed off and cassette fascias fitted flush to the ceiling tiles.

The additional benefit of using a four-way cassette system is that if the first unit goes down you still have three individual cassette units working to compensate. This offers the benefit of a redundancy which can be vital for stores selling perishable goods. It also allows different areas of the store to have different thermostat settings as each cassette has its own controls.

Wall mounted temperature controllers are located near the main service desk.

With this new equipment offering increased energy efficiencies, we look forward to upgrading the equipment of many more stores to support this client with their new business offerings.

Roof mounted condensers.

The team at Chatfield OzCool are available to assist with cooling and refrigeration equipment service and repairs, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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