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In our day-to-day operations, we often come across HVAC installation complications where we need to use our initiative to work around installation limitations.

One such job where we really needed to think outside the box was for I-Med Radiology Network, in one of their radiology departments. 

This centre had a CT radiation room that needed a 7 KW climate control system installed, but the building owner of that particular location specified they did not want any drilling or alterations to the structure of the room. 

These restrictions ruled out the option of putting in a traditional ducted heating and cooling system or even a wall mounted split system. A portable climate control unit would also not be an option as it would’ve taken up too much floor space and would not have the output capacity to service a room of that size. 


So, this is where we started to look at possible alternatives and came up with a very creative solution.

We noticed there was an existing window in this radiology room that had a wooden frame. We realised if we removed the window, we could utilise the existing wooden frame and potentially install wall mounted units in the space where the window previously was.  This window cavity would give us access to the outside and overcome the need to drill through the walls. 

So, we engaged a glazier who could redesign the window and cut out portholes that we needed for the vents and the drainage. We then built a custom wooden panel that we attached to the existing wooden window frame. This allowed us to hang two small units that when combined, could achieve the 7KW output we were trying to achieve. 

Air Conditioning vent cut into window

Having these units wall mounted meant that we weren’t encroaching on any of the floor space of the room. Also, having the glazier adjust the window and cut holes specifically for the size of the vents and drainage holes meant we could install two systems to achieve the desired output for inside the radiology room, while also ensuring we adhered to the requirements of the building owner.

This certainly wasn’t a typical installation but by slightly adjusting our approach and working within the parameters client had provided, we were able to achieve a great result that would otherwise not have been possible.

panel mounted air conditioner through window cavity.

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