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If you work in the medical or hospitality industry, you know all too well the danger and harm that can be caused if a refrigerator loses temperature and starts to warm up the contents inside without your knowledge. 

What is a refrigeration temperature monitoring alarm? 

A refrigeration temperature monitoring alarm is a system that is either integrated into a purpose-built fridge, or can be retrofitted onto existing fridges. At Chatfield OzCool, we use the carel or full-gauge systems, as these can be integrated into multiple refrigeration units to electronically monitor the internal temperature. These temperature monitoring systems can send a warning via email or text, or sound an alarm and display a warning message on the LED display, if the temperature falls out of range. You can see exactly when the temperature increased, and for how long.  

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Temperature monitoring in hospitality refrigeration. 

Restaurants regularly store thousands of dollars worth of perishable produce in a range of refrigerators overnight, ready for service the next day. 

Now, imagine even one of these fridges loses temperature overnight for six or more hours, due to perhaps a door being left ajar, or a temporary power outage. What if, after six hours this fridge starts working again, and is able to re-chill all of the refrigerated stock, so that when the chefs arrive the next morning and temperature-check the produce everything seems fine? This is a very real and dangerous scenario that many hospitality venues may face. Preparing food with ingredients that appear chilled, but have in fact spoiled, can be hard to identify by probe-checking alone, but can cause serious illness in your customers. 

Hence why it is essential to have a temperature monitoring alarm system for all hospitality fridges, so that you can be aware of potential stock damage, and can take steps to remedy the situation before your valuable stock is spoiled. 

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At Chatfield, another system that we use for single refrigeration units that require temperature monitoring is the FRIGBOT system. This small system can connect to several temperature controllers, and also to the power cable of a compressor. You can set the parameters to receive alerts anytime your refrigeration unit drops out of your pre-set temperature ranges, or if there is a power disruption.  

Temperature monitoring for medical refrigeration. 

A single refrigeration unit housing vital medication needs to be kept at a certain temperature to maintain potency. Something as simple as a loose door seal or a mechanical failure can raise the temperature only a few degrees, but this is enough to completely spoil everything that is stored inside, which is not only inconvenient, but dangerous. 

By simply having a monitoring system integrated into the refrigeration unit, it can alert staff that the fridge has lost temperature. Again, this creates the opportunity to have the fridge repaired, before the stock is ruined, or to take evasive action to ensure the spoiled medication is removed from circulation. 

If you have a fridge that you think could benefit from a temperature monitoring alarm system; call and speak to the team at Chatfield OzCool, as we may be able to retrofit a system onto your existing fridge and save you a lot of headaches.  Call and speak to the team at Chatfield OzCool on 1300 361 186