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You may have heard that reverse-cycle air-conditioning units boast energy efficiency, but in everyday terms, what does that really mean? 

To truly appreciate how a reverse cycle system offers efficiency, we should first look at how a reverse-cycle system operates. 

Traditional gas or electric heating systems –

Traditionally, gas and electric heating systems operate in two simple modes on and off.  

In short, when a room needs to be warmer, the system will start to heat up air through its electric element or gas burner, once this air is heated, it is then pushed through the vents into the internal room. Once the room reaches the desired temperature, then the unit stops. This means that every minute that the unit is running, it is generating heat and actively heating air, which takes a lot of energy.

Reverse cycle heating and cooling units –

This is where modern technology really shines. 

The beauty of a reverse cycle system is that it measures the indoor and outdoor ambient temperature, and if the internal temperature needs to be heated, the system can extract heat from the ambient internal air and move this extracted air through the ducted system. 

In winter, this extracted heat can be distributed inside to warm your house. In summer, the extracted heat can be pushed outside to cool your home.  

Energy efficiency of reverse-cycle air-conditioning systems:

The process of moving extracted air means that the unit is not constantly generating its own hot/cold air when it isn’t necessary. The energy efficiency part comes into play as it takes a lot less energy to move extracted air around, compared to changing the temperature of air through heating or cooling. 

It is said that reverse cycle air conditioning is 300-600% more efficient when comparing energy in, to energy out. Meaning, it can take one unit of electrical energy to turn it into three to six times as much heating energy. 

So, if you are looking to upgrade your old heating and cooling system, consider switching to a high efficiency, inverter-controlled, refrigerated air-conditioning system, and you may be pleasantly surprised by your decreased running costs.

The environment will also thank you. 

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