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In various facilities such as fast food outlets, food processing plants and restaurants, commercial refrigeration plays a big role in day-to-day operations. As such, it’s imperative that the refrigeration equipment runs efficiently and without failure, protecting the quality and safety of the stored produce.

To ensure that the refrigeration equipment is doing its job, it needs regular servicing by professional technicians. 

Prevent unexpected system failures

With regular maintenance from qualified technicians, premature failure of your refrigeration systems can be prevented. You can also avoid serious breakdowns and mechanical failures  which can lead to even bigger problems that require more costly repairs. Our technicians can perform a series of checks to see that your refrigeration system has the correct refrigerant and oil levels. We can also ensure that it is properly lubricated and has functional filters, ducts, refrigerant line insulation and electrical components, amongst important elements we check. If there are components or parts that are damaged or defective, they must be replaced or repaired immediately. 

Extend equipment life span

Lack of preventative maintenance in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems can eventually lead to a bigger set of problems. Dirty fan blades, grimy condenser coils and clogged filters, for instance, make the refrigeration system not only work harder but also expend more energy. This can also lead to both premature wear and tear on the components and make it more likely you suffer an unthinkable overall system failure. Naturally this could severely affect your business and your bottom line. By ensuring that the refrigeration system is regularly serviced and properly maintained, these problems can be avoided and the system can keep running for a longer time. 

Reduce risks of contamination

When it comes to commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, there are always chances of contaminants coming into contact with the stored food, posing a big health risk. Routine servicing helps prevent this from happening, as part of the maintenance involves cleaning the entire system, including hard-to-reach areas and crevices. 

Chatfield OzCool is here for the installation and maintenance of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment.

At Chatfield OzCool Refrigeration, we understand the importance of commercial refrigeration systems in business operations. Our technicians are committed to providing installation and full-range maintenance services to all types of commercial refrigeration equipment throughout greater Melbourne. From restaurant refrigeration to industrial cool room maintenance requirements, we deliver efficient solutions.

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