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People ask us all the time; “When is the best time to do maintenance work on cooling and refrigeration systems?” and this month, the answer is simple: right now!

Spring is a great time of year to be in Victoria, with the mild warmer weather heralding much anticipated events such as the spring racing carnival and the return of al fresco dining. 

However, did you know, spring is also the perfect time to undertake any routine maintenance and scheduled mechanical upgrades as the milder weather is an air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic’s best friend. 

Cooler equipment

When you need to conduct mechanical repairs and maintenance work on cooling and refrigeration equipment, it’s best to do it when the equipment hasn’t been running at maximum capacity immediately prior. 

For example, on a 40-degree day, chances are your refrigeration and cooling equipment is running at maximum output to counter the ambient air temperature. To suddenly turn the equipment off and start working on the motor means that the equipment will be hot to the touch, but also, it means the area that the equipment was cooling (be it perishables in a fridge or a room being air conditioned) will heat up rapidly.  In hot weather, even a short period of downtime can be uncomfortable or can cause costly business interruption or stock loss.  

Preparing equipment for summer

Another reason why Spring is a great time to conduct scheduled maintenance and upgrades is that it ensures your equipment is in tip-top condition to take you into the hotter summer months.  

In the warmer weather, your equipment needs to be running at optimum operational capacity, as a small mechanical fault caused by preventable wear and tear can lead to a costly and inconvenient breakdown. 

So, to avoid headaches this coming summer, seize the opportunity to get your equipment into peak condition now, to hopefully see you through the summer months, stress free. 

The team at Chatfield OzCool are available to answer any questions you may have regarding your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, as servicing and repairing these units are our specialty.

If you would like to find out more about the team at Chatfield OzCool, give us a call on 1300 361 186