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It’s amazing that something so small can wreak havoc on sophisticated and durable machinery, but that is exactly the case with dust!

Dust is a part of life and regrettably unavoidable, but when these innocuous little particles are left to build up on machinery filters, it can cause big, big problems. 

When dust builds up on a filter

Any machinery that sucks in air, such as refrigerated cooling and air conditioning units, has a filter to stop dust particles entering the machinery. However, while the filters are vital in protecting equipment, they are worthless if they are not regularly cleaned and maintained. When a filter is dirty, the build-up of dust covering the ventilation holes causes the HVAC unit to work harder to maintain airflow, leading to equipment overheating and seizing. Having a congested filter restricting air flow also means that your cooling unit needs to work harder to suck in the air required to operate optimally and this additional effort translates to increased running costs, which add up significantly over time.

When dust gets into your machinery

When there is a significant build-up of dust on the cooling unit filter, the pressure of the machinery trying to suck air in through a blanket of dust, can inadvertently force fine particles of dust through the filter, allowing them to travel deep into the mechanical workings. Once dust and debris get into mechanical equipment it can become stuck in the oil and lubricants used on the movable parts, leading to a major (and costly!) mechanical breakdown. Suddenly, what should have been a quick and easy filter service, becomes a major mechanical repair – Prevention is the key to saving money on your utility costs.

Keeping dust out of your equipment

Dust prevention can be easily managed by regularly cleaning or replacing filters in your cooling units. The team at Chatfield OzCool check and clean your filters as part of a regular maintenance agreement, offering the peace of mind that someone is taking care of your equipment for you and performing the vital steps required to keep it running smoothly. By keeping your filters clean, you reduce the overall running cost of your unit, and support the efficiency and longevity of your unit. 

To find out how Chatfield OzCool can help you with regular filter maintenance, call and speak to the team on 1300 361186 or visit our website to explore other services on offer.