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Over the years, Chatfield OzCool have seen more than 20 technicians undertake their apprenticeship, (including current technicians), who are either completing or about to commence their second trade qualification. 

Since they met at trade school many years ago, Russell (who was studying an Electrical Mechanic qualification), and Adam (who was studying a Refrigeration Mechanic qualification) have always valued the education and experience that an apprenticeship offers.  

Now, many years later and working together in their leadership roles at Chatfield OzCool, they are proud to have supported many technicians through their trade apprenticeship.

While apprenticeships are essential to building a company’s qualified workforce, there are additional long-term benefits that also impact the consumer, that the consumer may not even be aware of.

A future without qualified trades

Traditionally, when we need a repair person to fix our refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, all we have to do is simply call, and the next available service technician will be booked in to attend.  

However, if we don’t continue to encourage people to undertake apprenticeships, by the time the current workforce reaches retirement age, there will be no skilled workers available to continue in their footsteps, leading to massive problems due to a lack of skilled technical workers.  

Suddenly, finding someone who is qualified and experienced to undertake repairs will become a scarcity, which will mean much, much longer wait times for repairs and service, and more importantly, much higher labour costs. 

How to encourage more people to undertake trade apprenticeships? 

The best opportunity to encourage young people to undertake apprenticeships is through school guidance. 

There are so many avenues young people can take when they finish school, so it’s important that if a young person is interested in undertaking a trade, they are encouraged and directed through the appropriate channels to commence a formal apprenticeship. With each year that passes, it is vital to keep the momentum of new technicians entering the industry. 

The second avenue to encourage people to undertake an apprenticeship is through workplace upskilling.  

This is something that Chatfield OzCool uniquely recognises and what makes their team of technicians so diverse. In the past 12 months, Chatfield OzCool have helped three qualified technicians return to study to undertake a second apprenticeship so that they can hold a dual trade – something that is highly sought after in the industry. 

Chatfield OzCool are proud of the skilled and knowledgeable technicians they have working as part of the team and look forward to building a stronger workforce by continuing to support apprenticeship programs. 

If you would like to find out more about the team at Chatfield OzCool, give us a call on 1300 361 186