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Recognition of Prior Learning. 

Ensuring vital skills and industry knowledge are not being overlooked.

At Chatfield OzCool we have always understood the importance of supporting new people entering the industry and helping potential team members gain the experience and qualifications needed to further improve their skills base. 

With this in mind, earlier this year we had the opportunity to undertake an interesting process when we were approached by an enthusiastic technician, who had valuable knowledge and experience to work within the industry, but was not recognised to work in this field, in Australia.  

 Muzammal holds a Diploma of Associate Engineering (Mechanical Power Specialisation) as well as Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical) from various Universities in Pakistan; he has also worked in the refrigeration industry for 5 years in Pakistan, prior to arriving in Australia.  

However, since these qualifications were obtained in Pakistan and not recognised in Australia, Muzammal was unable to work in this industry when he migrated to Australia. 

 So naturally, when Muzammal reached out to Chatfield OzCool in response to a Seek ad, we recognised the value in Muzammal’s vast knowledge and experience, so decided to begin the process of having his prior learning formally recognised.   

This process meant that Muzammal would be able to work as a qualified technician in Australia within a short period of time, without having to go back to school and start from scratch with his education. 

 Chatfield OzCool Director, Adam Bourke, had not undertaken the process of supporting someone through the recognition of prior learning process before, so it really was a learning experience for everyone involved.

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What was the process to achieve Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Step 1. 

Check that the process (which is facilitated in Canberra) would be accepted and recognised by Victorian Laws. 


Step 2. 

Chatfield OzCool had to supply company information and licences to prove that they were eligible to oversee the works that Muzammal was going to perform as part of his assessment. 


Step 3. 

Chatfield OzCool (specifically Director, Adam), then had to oversee Muzammal’s work and procedures by working alongside him to authorise his completed works. 


Step 4. 

Chatfield OzCool had to submit service reports and picture evidence to the overseeing body in Canberra, to assess if Muzammal’s work was up to the standard required to achieve recognition. 

Fortunately for both Chatfield OzCool and Muzammal, the assessment was successful and Muzammal was granted Recognition of Prior Learning. 

 The process took approximately three months, but it means that without having to undergo the full re-education which could take years, Muzammal is now qualified to work to the level of RAC01 – Full Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Licence. 

Chatfield OzCool are proud to have Muzammal as part of the team, now working as a Senior Technician. 

 For any companies’ presented with the opportunity to support someone with such exceptional skills and prior learning, it can be a truly rewarding experience. 



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