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Air conditioning maintenance is critical work that helps a commercial business maintain the right temperatures for its customers. This is especially important during periods of extreme heat. As such, air conditioning maintenance service technicians are considered essential workers that help ensure continuity of operations in residential, commercial and industrial premises. 

Here at Chatfield OzCool, we understand the need to keep air conditioners and cool rooms running at all times. Our clients depend on it and it is critical to their businesses that their locations are pleasant for their customers and their cool rooms maintain the correct temperature to prevent stock spoilage. We have been in the business for over 28 years, addressing the need for refrigeration and air conditioning installation and maintenance for various industries and facilities, such as supermarkets and restaurants. 

Chatfield OzCool technicians, dealing with the installation, repair and maintenance of cool rooms, freezers and air conditioning units, help maintain the sanitation and safety of facilities by improving the air quality. This is doubly significant when considering facilities that provide an environment for  people who may have health concerns, such as those in hospitals and senior living facilities. 

Commercial and industrial refrigeration

Chatfield OzCool has the skills, expertise and accreditation to install, fix and service all types of refrigeration equipment, such as those in supermarkets, food storage and logistics, restaurants, hotels and scientific and medical facilities.

Commercial and industrial air conditioning

To keep your commercial and industrial air conditioning units functioning efficiently, Chatfield OzCool technicians provide a complete range of maintenance service. With regular servicing, your air conditioning equipment can better maintain a comfortable environment and servicing can also help you get ahead of potentially costly downtime or more serious repair bills as a problem gets out of hand. 

Electrical service and energy audits 

Chatfield OzCool specialists are qualified to install and service all electrical wiring and controls for air conditioning and refrigeration systems as well as cool rooms. Our technicians can perform full energy audits to help improve the operational performance of your systems, while also lowering energy costs. 

Get quality cool room maintenance service from Chatfield OzCool.

Chatfield OzCool specialists install and service all electrical wiring and controls needed for air conditioning. As registered EcoSmart electricians we can provide large-scale industrial air conditioning requirements and perform maintenance tasks to keep your equipment running well.

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