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Meet: Harry (Chatfield OzCool Trade Assistant)

In February this year, Chatfield OzCool had the pleasure of welcoming a new member to the team, who brings with them a vast wealth of life experience. 

We would like to introduce you to our new Trade Assistant, Harry.

Harry’s journey with Chatfield OzCool started by chance when he saw one of our servicemen in the CBD while he was handing out resumes after arriving in Melbourne from the UK. Harry was looking for work and got chatting to one of our technicians (Haftoum) who advised him to call up the office and enquire about a possible employment. Harry researched the company online and then organised an interview with Adam and Russell. Impressed with the energy and attitude they had towards their team, Harry was delighted to be offered a role at Chatfield OzCool. 

Harry is in the process of getting his Recognition of Prior Learning, (RPL) a process which we have covered in previous blogs, and you are welcome to read more about it here. 

What did Harry do prior to moving to Australia? 

Prior to moving to Australia, Harry was a member of the British Army, where he gained valuable trade skills and experience. He started off in basic training for the Parachute Regiment where he went through one of the toughest couple of months both physically and mentally that unfortunately sustained a knee injury that regrettably prevented him from continuing within that division. 

However, this opened up the opportunity to pivot to a light combat role which led him to the Royal Engineers. Within this regiment, Harry was based all over the UK, but predominantly in the highlands of Scotland, in a small town called Kinloss. 

During his time with the British army, Harry was able to pick up a trade in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. This may not be the first trade you think of when you think of Army services, however, it actually serves a very important part in military operations.  For example, Harry was involved in supplying air conditioning to the tent that housed all the computer servers for flying F35 Jets. This was a joint exercise between the US Marine Corps in the British Royal Air Force and a great opportunity to utilise those specialised trade skills. 


The thing that enticed Harry to move to Australia was the sun, sea and wildlife.  The opportunity to leave what he described as ‘boring, wet and grey city in England’, for the ‘Australian dream’, was an easy decision to make.

When asking Harry about what surprised him most about moving to Australia he advised “So far, the biggest shock about moving to Australia is that I haven’t seen a snake, surfing on a shark that is eating a crocodile whilst being kicked by a kangaroo. I thought this would be an everyday occurrence! Oh and hook turns in Melbourne’s CBD, safe to say I’ve never heard that many car horns all the same time.”

When Harry isn’t out acquainting himself with Melbourne’s AFL culture, he can be found snorkelling in some of Melbourne’s marine reserves or enjoying the Melbourne nightlife and visiting quirky bars and finding good food spots. He also keeps fit by playing golf and has been running a lot since arriving in Australia as he’s currently training for the Melbourne half marathon.

Chatfield OzCool is excited to have Harry as a part of the team and we look forward to continuing to work with him as he gains his RPL certification, and develops his skills further. 

 The team at Chatfield OzCool are available to assist with cooling and refrigeration equipment service and repairs, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to find out how we could help you, please give the team at Chatfield OzCool a call on 1300 361 186.

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